Kenya is an East African country and the country is noted for tourism friendliness. It is on record that on a yearly basis this country experiences several hundreds of thousand tourists. Some of them are either visiting for the first time or coming on a return journey for the purpose of their holiday enjoyment.

Whatever may be your purpose of visit, it is noteworthy to say that you are in the land of tourist and you cannot leave the country without you having to enjoy the natural beauty of the country. Now the essence of this article is to serve as a guide so that you do not fall into the hands of charlatans who are masquerading as agents when you hit the ground in Nairobi Airport in Kenya. As soon as you highlighted the Airbus, you will be greeted with a plethora of placard carrying tout, exhibit their trade. They are ready to sell you a safari tour. The reason for this is because of the money they will make, especially when they suspect that tourist is always eager at visiting and holidaying in the high sounding tourist centers.

Places like Masai Mara or Amboseli National Park are tourist centers that these touts will want to sell to you just because they are very attractive and have wider patronage from foreigners. You must be guided not fall into wrong hands. You will come across many of these safari tour operators in Nairobi and Mombasa, yet not all of them are good. Care must be taken so that you are not fleeced off your money.

Right in Kenya, there are many companies operating in the safari business, some are outright good at giving qualitative services; some are bad in the delivery of the services which they claim they want to provide. On the hand, some are completely bad and are dupes. There are complaints of some of them ignoring clients reasonable demand and even of terrible food service rendered. There are also allegations of money disappearing overnight, sexual harassment in some cases by members of staff.

For a wonderful experience on the safari trip, you must be prepared to go with the money. If you are budgeting to stay in camping safari, which means a tent on the safari open ground instead of a luxurious tented camp to lodge. You will be expected to pay the sum of $70 to $80 per night of your stay. If you are a couple and you are planning to stay for five days, you are expected to pay the sum of $560. BAD BUDGET COMPANIES: - Most companies in Nairobi and Mombasa are always in the sharp practices of increasing the park entry fees,(this is normally set by the government of Kenya). The costs also include that of gas, and it is intended that the companies will be able to cut cost. What they do is to refuse to maintain their vehicle, so that you can lose some number of days. This is achieved when the vehicle breaks down, and there will be a need for the tow vehicle to come, which may take hours or days.

FIXING ARRANGEMENT ON THE SPOT: It is advisable that you do not book in advance rather you do this on the spot after carefully selecting from amongst the available one. There is the exception, and these are those with track records.