Going on a safari trip in Kenya will be one of the most unforgettable experience you will ever have in the course of your going on holidays in another country other than yours. Notwithstanding, there is an apprehension on the part of some tourists when it comes to the issue of security in Kenya. This fear is genuine, yet the government of the day has put in place firm and effective measure at safeguarding tourists.

It I also true that much news you hear on the media is either that of terrorism, Ebola and road accidents. Yet again, you will be unlucky to get caught up in this web, but not all that you read in the media is true of the situation in Kenya. The country has much to offer you if only can shake off this news! The following reasons can propel you into taking the plunge and go ahead for that holiday in Kenya.

To see the wildebeest Migration

The beach, the bush and the mountains, deserts, savannah and not only these, also the diverse friendly environments, different culture, wildlife, and birdlife. Poaching that is currently on the increase, and the threat that in the next 20 years to this time, there may not be any elephant anymore in Kenya.

The hospitality of the Kenyans who are always ready to welcome visitors into their country. Again, the government of Kenya cannot afford to allow tourism to die or reduce, because a large proportion of its income is from this source.
Now let us have a brief discussion on some of the above listed:

THE WILDEBEEST MIGRATION: - This region is always tourist delight as it witnesses almost all the year round, patronage by tourists who are mainly foreigners. It is often regarded as the 8th wonder of the natural world. Each year and in approximation, well over 120,000 tourists come visiting this wildebeest and make effort at crossing the river infested crocodile. The crocodile often makes a futile snap at the tourist, which itself is a fun to behold. If you miss the river crossing experience, yet another thing to behold is the massive herds of animals in their millions grazing the savannah is a sight you will love.

VARIED ENVIRONMENT: - It does not matter the kind of holiday you want to settle for, could be beach holiday, bush retreat, mountain climbing, or desert experience, Kenya is fully prepared to meet your need. It is your decision, however, to have itinerary to include all of these. Again, it is the function of your wallet, how fat or accommodating it will be. I will recommend that you visit this link of Angama Mara for more information.